I'm Stu Rasmussen - I'm once again running for Mayor of Silverton because I still believe that growth is not necessarily progress and bigger is not always better.

I believe it's time to send City Hall a clear message: Stop squandering our tax dollars and take care of critical issues, not waste time and energy on trivia like plastic bags and outdoor smoking bans, while growth and sprawl run rampant!

I believe we can find a way to help the homeless and disadvantaged in our community without irrevocably altering the fabric of our city with overly-permissive changes to the building code which will only enrich developers and diminish our Silverton lifestyle

I believe we can find a way to creatively and economically re-use the historic Eugene Field School to maintain our heritage while providing an adequate Police Station and eventual City Operations Center.

I believe that running a city should be a lot like running a business - and I know something about running a business. I've been an entrepreneur and successful small business owner right here in Silverton for over 40 years.

I don't claim to have all the answers, but I recognize good ideas when I hear them. I'm very accessible - I live and work right here in Silverton and you know you can call me at home (503-873-8005) or find me at the Palace Theatre when you have a City issue to discuss.

If you value our small-town lifestyle and don't want to see it disappear, please help with my campaign to Keep Silverton Silverton! Your financial help to cover the cost of advertising and mailings would also be greatly appreciated - click here to contribute via PayPal.

If I have earned your vote please also vote for council candidates who share these values. I personally will be voting for Jim Sears, Leigh Harrod and Crystal Neideigh.

Thank you for your vote!

Stu Rasmussen

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