I was born in Silverton in 1948 and have lived and worked here all my life. I graduated from Silverton High School in 1966 and got an electronics degree from Salem Tech (now Chemeketa CC) in 1968. I started working as the projectionist at the Palace Theatre while in high school, and stayed with the Palace to this day. Now my business partner Roger Paulson and I operate the Palace Theatre 7 days a week providing top Hollywood entertainment to the Silverton community. It's a labor of love, certainly not a money maker for either of us, but a great public service.

After graduating from college I was immeditely hired by Tektronix, and spent 8 years there ending up as a Staff Engineer for the Television Products Division. One of my co-workers and I then started Silverton Cable Television Company, eventually providing Cable TV service to Silverton and Mount Angel. After getting the CATV system up and running profitably, the day to day operation got boring, so I sold the company and embarked on a series of other ventures. I have provided software and firmware engineering services to a variety of firms including Intel, Phoenix Technologies, nCube, UPS Aviation Technology and others. I love a technological challenge!

That's enough about me, let's talk about my favorite subject, Silverton!

Past Councils saddled us with giant subdivisions, expensive and unneeded public works projects, snarled traffic - the list goes on and on! How much of our cherished 'Silverton lifestyle' have we already sacrificed in the misguided pursuit of 'growth at any cost'?

I believe that we must slow Silverton's growth before we run out of clean water and exceed our sewage treatment capacity. It will be very expensive to replace these facilities (again!) and that cost is paid mostly by current residents through higher sewer and water rates.

When I was growing up it was not unusual to see one or two of our police officers walking in the downtown or residential neighborhoods, getting acquainted with people and being a part of the community. As your mayor I will re-start Community Policing and Neighborhood Watch programs to reconnect the Silverton community.

I intend to provide essential city services of excellent quality at the lowest possible cost. I have been the 'squeaky wheel' when your tax dollars are being spent. While I was Mayor I saved you hundreds of thousands of dollars by doing independent research, applying logical principles and proposing smart alternatives - often against strong opposition from city staff and other Council members. If they had listened a few more times we could have saved millions! As your Mayor I will carefully oversee the city budget to be sure that you are getting the best value for tax dollars spent without compromising quality or service.

I don't claim to have all the answers, but I can recognize good ideas when I hear them. I'm very accessible - I live in Silverton, I work in Silverton and you know you can find me at the Corner of Oak and Water when you have a City Council issue or movie suggestion. Thank you!

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